A Bouquet of Roses

Week 6 of the #52Ancestors in 52 weeks challenge, invites us to discuss a favourite name in our family’s history.

A few years back, my mother and I were visiting the grave of my great, grand aunt Rose Ryan nee Quinn, when I just happened to comment “Haven’t we got a lot of Roses in our family? I like that.” From that day on, my mother called me Jacqui-Rose. It’s not my legal name, just more of a pet name that Mum had for me. My (Fairy) Godmother soon picked this up, and calls me her own version, which is simply “J.R.”.

Rose Gibson

On my father’s side, my great grandmother was Rose Hannah Gibson (1880-1967). Rose was born in Binalong, New South Wales in 1880 to parents James and Harriett Gibson nee Randall. Her grand-daughter, my aunt, was Betty Victoria Rose Attridge (1925-2003), and her great great grand-daughter (my 1C 1R), is Angela Rose.

On mum’s side – There was Rose Ryan (c1836 – 1915) my great grandmother Isabella’s sister. Born Rose Ann Quinn in Co. Tyrone in the 1830s, it’s quite possible she was actually a Roisin (pronounced Ro-sheen), the Irish version of Rose Ann. Rose Ryan called her 2nd daughter Rose. Generally, following Irish naming conventions, the 1st daughter is named after the mother’s mother, the 2nd daughter after the father’s mother, and the 3rd is after her mother… However, Rose and her husband Edward’s mothers were both called Margaret (Rose’s mother was Margaret Isabella also known as Isabella or Bella), so they called their first daughter Margaret…but their 2nd daughter was christened Rose Ann Ryan (1873-1968).

Rose and Edward had a son, Robert Patrick (1868-1947), and in turn Robert and his wife Nora, called their daughter Rose Mary Ryan (1905-1987). This meant that Robert’s mother was Rose Ryan, his sister was Rose Ryan and his daughter was Rose Ryan … and he also had a first-cousin who was known as Rose. It was no surprise to find out that he called his property at Norwin (on the Darling Downs), Roselands.

My husband’s great, great grandmother was also Rose. Rose Phillips nee Greenhalgh (1851-1928), was born in Broughton Creek, now known as Berry in New South Wales, to convict parents Thomas and Mary Greenhalgh nee Lenehan.

In recent times, I have also connected with my 3rd cousin Maureen Rose, through DNA testing.  Maureen would be the great, grand niece of Rose Ryan nee Quinn. (or great, great niece depending on which term you like to use).  My cousin’s great grand-daughter, (that would make her my 2nd cousin 3 times removed 2C3R), is called Harper Rose, when her real name is Harper Ava.  My cousin’s daughter, Alicia, chose Rose as her confirmation name when she was about 10 years old. So, the essence of Rose lives on.


My great grandmother Bridget Schwartz nee Ryan (yes lots of Ryans and lots of Roses), was born in Rosegreen in County Tipperary, Ireland, and when she came to Australia, she called her first home, in Victoria Street, West End, (Brisbane), Rosegreen Cottage.

So there you have it. A very special bouquet of Roses.


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